Community Service

The Texas Sage Chapter advocates philanthropic work in the local community by selecting non-profit organizations to serve.  The mothers and daughters of Texas Sage support these philanthropic organizations through hands-on service.

Focusing on this hands-on service fosters both the relationships between our mothers and daughters and our relationships with our philanthropic partners. Our Chapter partners with a wide variety of organizations.  These organizations include:

  • Avenue CDC
  • Bayou Preservation Association
  • Books Between Kids
  • Child Advocates
  • Children’s Museum of Houston
  • Emergency Aid Coalition
  • Houston Arboretum
  • Houston Food Bank
  • Interfaith Ministries – Meals on Wheels
  • Kids’ Meals
  • Nehemiah Centers
  • Neighborhood Centers
  • Small Steps Nurturing Centers
  • Texas Children’s Hospital
  • West U Little League Challenger

The continued collaboration with these organizations is the foundation of our Chapter.  Working with our philanthropic partners and with each other reinforces our core values.

  • Honoring the mother-daughter bond by together learning, growing and modeling responsibility and graciousness
  • Empowering women with the skills and confidence to lead
  • Nurturing through mentorship
  • Inspiring a legacy of social awareness and compassion
  • Integrity and excellence in everything we do